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thar whar hit takes a bend. I ne'er seen hit since pappy done
up and taken outer Kentucky fer Arkansas when the war
come and he was on-easy in his mind, but hit come to me
plain as day, and I said, ' I'm a-goen thar.'

"My strength come, and I done hit. I told them Indians
good-bye, and they taken my hand. I come to Santa Fe, and
up Oklahoma, lak I said, and on to Arkansas. I was gonna
see my pappy, and my mammy, if n the Lord had done
spared 'em. I come in Arkansas at Fort Smith, and on east,
whar my folks had been. My mammy was dead. Been dead
a long time, folks said. And my pappy, he was dead too, but
not more'n goen on a year. He was kilt, with a knife. A
feller from up Missouri kilt him. He was setten down at a
store one night, at the settlement, and ever body was talken
and goen on. They was a-talken about the war, and how hit
come. The feller from Missouri, he was cussen 'em rebels,
and my pappy said, naw, not to be a-cussen 'em that a-way,
they didn't do hit, no more'n no other man. They had a
argument, and the feller from up Missouri, he cut my pappy,
and him a old man. The feller from up Missouri taken out,
and was gone, no man knowed whar. And my pappy died,
layen thar on the floor. Him what was on-easy in his mind
and run away from the war, not knowen which was the
Lord's side, and couldn't abide no man to name the war. He
run, but the war, hit come to him, and all that time past
and him a old man.

" I seen the place he was buried, and my mammy. Nobody
knowed whar my brothers was gone, been gone a long time.
Strange folks was a-live-en in the house my pappy'd done
built long back, the house I'd seen him start builden that
day he'd stood thar and looked whar hit was gonna set, sayen,
'Lord God, Lord God,' right soft, and then, sudden-lak, to
ma, 'Henrietta, gimme that-air axe!" I seen hit, the logs
notched clean and set tight, and the chimney true, ne'er sunk
nor slipped yit.

"I sold the place fer what I could git. I ne'er hemmed
and hawed. Then I come on, on here to Kentucky, acrost